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All about Irish dancing

Irish dancing originated from our native country where it has been practiced and enjoyed for many decades and centuries. Lots of people used to gather around in one place (which could be anywhere), there would be a few people playing instruments, such as the Harp, Tin Whistle, Guitar, Violin and the Bodhrán and the others would dance the night away.

Nowadays there are competitions called feiseanna where dancers compete against each other. You learn Irish dancing from Irish dancing teachers who help you learn different dances. When you get to a certain level of dancing you get to compete in championships all around Ireland, then when you become a elite dancer you get to dance all over the world. There are world champ ships every year and dancers from all over the world come to a county in Ireland. Every year it is a different county.

There are all different kinds of shoes and clothes Boys have a light shoe which have a heal and a leather point, but the girls have a flat shoe which is also made of leather. Then there is the heavy shoe boys and girls are the same, both of them have to heals . The girls have dresses which have celtic designs and the boys have a trousers and a shirt and sometimes a sash.

The name of the dances are, reels, jigs, heavy jigs, light jigs and hornpipes, there are also set dances which are not practiced as much as the rest of the dances. My favorite dance is the heavy jig. River Dance is a dance which consists of some of the most talented dancers in the world such as Michael Flatley.

By John D.
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